Planting on Your Septic Drain Field. Susan D. Day, Extension Associate, Horticulture, Virginia Tech. Ellen Silva, former Extension Technician, Horticulture, Vir gin ia Tech. Perhaps the most entertaining answer to the question. 'What should I plant over a septic system's leach field?' is. 'Something fragrant.' Although the.

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How to Plant on Your Septic System Drainfield or Leachfield. Thinking about planting on your drain field or leach field? Many varieties of plants assist your septic.

Algae and aquatic plants appeared to grow thicker each year. And most of it was coming from human waste, Eddy-Miller said. New septic systems are built with a leach field in a hill above ground. Waste goes into the hill, seeps.

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Wastewater from low-flush toilets and the kitchen sink drains to a traditional septic system and drain field. A future-ready system for. They also have an arbor.

Aug 13, 2015. Fruit trees near septic lines mean tree roots will grow outward and eventually encounter the lines or the drain field. The roots can push, break through and otherwise disturb the lines and the septic tank, damaging them and resulting in expensive, smelly leaks and a malfunctioning home waste removal.

Can I Grow Vegetables over my Septic System & more Gardening Questions AnsweredPlants Safe to Grow Over Septic Tanks and Drainfields – The Spruce – Oct 23, 2017. Learn what plants are safe to grow over septic tank drain fields and which are the worst to grow. Some trees and shrubs are better than others.

Planting gardens on septic drain. It is often recommended that leach fields. it is always wise to reserve the area over and near the septic field for.

Can I plant these in my septic leach field?. nor plant trees near them, have you thought about planting muscadine grapes. they grow strong wildly in these.

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This article explains the types of gardens or other plants that should or should not be planted over or near septic fields. grow on a raised vine. Septic Drain.

Pussy willows are a fast growing species. They also thrive in full sun. This makes it great for conservation purposes but bad if planted near septic tanks and leach fields. At this time of year when the flower buds are showy they can be cut.

Is it safe to grow edibles over a septic drain field?. and vines growing on the rest of the field and grapes growing on the far end of the drainfield over.

What to Plant Over Septic Field? | Home Guides | SF Gate – What to Plant Over Septic Field?. Shallow-rooted bulbs will not clog drain lines. Dahlias grow in USDA zones 7 to 10 and. How to Plant Bushes Near a Septic.

At my summer home in coastal British Columbia, Canada, I planted lilies over the septic field. They have shallow roots and are beautiful. VCE recommends planting shallow-rooted herbaceous plans that are not excessively water-loving on septic fields. The pipes in a leach field are a minimum of six inches below the surface.